Euronda E10

The must of Euronda sterilization, in one single autoclave

E10 is the latest Euronda Class B autoclave. A more powerful vacuum pump and an optimized drying cycle make E10 the best performing Euronda sterilizer ever. Moreover, it has lower water and energy consumption than any other autoclave offering comparable performance levels.

First and foremost, E10 is a Class B autoclave that can run 5 different type B cycles (121°C, 134°C, 134°C Prion, 134°C Rapid and 134°C Rapid Prion).

E10 features cutting-edge technology like the E-Touch display which has an extremely user-friendly interface; it is possible to select 5 different B cycles.

The E-Light changes color as it moves through the different stages of the sterilization cycle and the innovative E-Timer lets you set tests and cycles to start at whatever time you like. E10 features a new comprehensive and expandable traceability system. All data can be saved on an SD card and transferred to a computer.