Euronda E8

State of the art sterilisation, for everyone

Euronda Pro System is a total protection system for clinics that has been developed to ensure the safety of staff, patients, instruments and working environments. There are a number of steps in the sterilization process and it will only be successful if each one – from collection to storage – is carried out properly.

Thanks to the Pro System line, it is possible to implement a cutting-edge, effective, efficient protocol that can be followed on a regular basis and increase the safety of a practice while optimizing its resources.

Straight forward, high-performing and affordable: E8 brings together all Euronda’s top technology to strike a perfect balance between innovation & ergonomics, power & consumption and customisation & usability.

The soft-touch colour display is protected by a polycarbonate screen and enhanced with a distinctive front panel in muted grey. It is possible to select 5 different B cycles. The innovative E-Timer lets you set tests and cycles to start at whatever time you like.

The conductivity meter monitors the water quality and the Dirt Control System directs dirt out of the water system, thus ensuring that E8 is always safe.