KanMed Warming Cabinet Small


The Kanmed Warming Cabinet are intended for warming of gel pads, blankets, fluids, surgical instruments, liquid and similar, to reduce patient hypothermia and to increase patient comfort. It shall be used indoors in a professional medical environment by healthcare staff and in accordance with the user manual and the institutions protocols.

Warming Cabinets that help to prevent perioperative hypothermia and to increase patient comfort.
The Cabinet is made of stainless steel and is very well insulated to reduce heat loss to environmentand noise. For the same reason the door is double glassed with safety glass.

The shelves/baskets run on wheels and can be pulled fully out until they automatically stop. To completely remove the shelves/basket for cleaning or repositioning.

Kanmed Warming Cabinets are NOT intended for warming of Blood Products, human tissue and Nutritional Products.