Sterilization Line E9 Recorder

The new autoclave is a real revolution and innovation, because it has a built-in printer for reports to stick on the packages - this is a step forward in the field of sterilization.  They are on them the following information: serial number of the autoclave, cycle number, name assistants, the date of sterilization and expiration date of the package.  We programmed to print any number of label depending on the packages loaded in the chamber of the autoclave.  This saves time and money on signing any purse with tools and avoid accidentally punctured the bag and an error in the description of several bags at each sterilization.

After unpacking the package and peel off the sticker paste on the patient, which we treated these tools, it gives us comfort in the event of future prosecution by the patient for infection during treatment.
Product description:

Class B

  • A new label printer that allows any number of labels to print data packets cycle after each sterilization
  • State of the art dental autoclaves class B satisfies the strict new standard EN13060
  • Fast cycle class B - RAPID - only 25 minutes !!!
  • Water quality sensor included with AQUAFILTER
  • Out Gas System - separation of air in the water in the steam generator during the process of reducing the consumption of water - only the 300 ml per cycle
  • External steam generator - this in a very short time, steam is generated with a high saturation, so that the cycle becomes shorter
  • To extend the life of the vacuum pump was installed a special separator to eliminate the ingress of water into the pump
  • dirt filter inside the generator and boiler
  • System Process Controller - to inform the user in realtime process temperature, pressure and time during all phases of the program in accordance with the requirements of the new standard EN 13060 - the correctness of the process control system
  • Electro-magnetic door lock, to prevent accidental opening of the chamber door
  • The cover of the water tank can be easily removed and cleaned clean water tank and waste
  • The memory of the last 40 cycles or external E-memory system records 3000 cyki
  • Test series: Vacuum Test, Helix Test, B & D Test
  • 4 + rack perforated trays as standard
  • Very quiet, only 50 dB - important when the autoclave is in the office

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